Easter Workshops – April 2nd & 8th

Booking is now open for our Easter Workshops on Tuesday 2nd April & Monday 8th April. There are options for a morning (9am-12pm), afternoon (12pm-3pm) or a full day (9am-3pm) session, with booking available on the portal. This workshop is suitable for children aged 3 years to 12 years and will be split into appropriate groupings. Children who do not usually attend classes at the studio are also welcome, so your children can bring their siblings and friends along. Please note that places are limited, so please ensure you have enrolled online.

The workshop consists of multiple activities including Dancing, Gymnastics, Games, Arts & Crafts and Cookery. Within the Dance & Gymnastics section, the children will be taught a range of different skills including cartwheels, handstands, jumps and balances, we will then incorporate these gymnastic skills into a fun dance routine. During the Arts and Crafts section, we ensure the activity is age appropriate for each child. We have lots of options for the children and encourage them to choose their preferred art or craft activity. Our cookery activities are as child led as possible and we try to prevent the use of ovens, so the children really can do it all themselves! We are able to cater for any dietary requirements. Please do email any information relevant to your child’s needs.

Some food will be provided but we recommend that children staying for the full day bring a packed lunch and those staying for a half day bring a snack.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

We hope to see you there!


Enrolment links:

Tuesday 2nd April Full Day: https://app.classmanager.com/portal/frances-lundy-school-of-dance/enrolment/classes/easter-half-term-workshops-friday-16th-feb-half-term-workshop-gym-arts-crafts-cookery-full-day

Tuesday 2nd April Morning: https://app.classmanager.com/portal/frances-lundy-school-of-dance/enrolment/classes/easter-half-term-workshops-friday-16th-feb-workshop-gym-arts-crafts-cookery-morning-session

Tuesday 2nd April Afternoon: https://app.classmanager.com/portal/frances-lundy-school-of-dance/enrolment/classes/easter-half-term-workshops-friday-16th-feb-workshop-gym-arts-crafts-cookery-afternoon-session

Monday 8th April Full Day: https://app.classmanager.com/portal/frances-lundy-school-of-dance/enrolment/classes/easter-half-term-workshops-monday-8th-april-workshop-gym-arts-crafts-cookery-full-day-session

Monday 8th April Morning Day: https://app.classmanager.com/portal/frances-lundy-school-of-dance/enrolment/classes/easter-half-term-workshops-monday-8th-april-workshop-gym-arts-crafts-cookery-morning-session

Monday 8th April Afternoon Day: https://app.classmanager.com/portal/frances-lundy-school-of-dance/enrolment/classes/easter-half-term-workshops-monday-8th-april-workshop-gym-arts-crafts-cookery-afternoon-session